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Visible Shops Announces April to Be "Earth Month"

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Monday, March 31st, 2008

Over the weekend, millions of web users noticed a change to Google’s homepage on Saturday, March 29. For the entire day, Google’s homepage was awash in black, a complete turnaround from their famously simple white background. It turned out that Google was making a “gesture” in dedication to Earth Hour, a global conservation project. However, Google is only one organization on the web out of many that is making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

Here at Visible Shops, energy efficiency and other types of environmental impact are important to us. This is why we are joining numerous other organizations to raise awareness during Earth Month in April. During the week of Earth Day (April 22), the Visible Shops blog will post entries that examine Internet marketing through the lens of environmental concerns. Today, though, we want to explain why we want to discuss green marketing.

It seems that the green marketing trend has been growing apace for about 20 years, but it has exploded within the last two years or so. And with this new phenomenon, there is the typical backlash. Time Magazine’s latest cover has the headliner “The Clean Energy Myth” while some academic sources criticize “green marketing.” Some surveys suggest that products with a green angle to them are not quite selling like hot cakes. However, these naysayers are not deterring the growth of niche markets for greener cleaning products, entirely natural lines of of makeup, and more of the like.

What the slew of new products and the actual criticism of them actually suggest is the following: green marketing is here to stay. Not only will consumers be inundated with products made with an environmental angle in mind, but consumers and the media will continually insist on high standards, thus further propelling competition and constant refining of said products. Probably the biggest challenge that marketers face today is that these niche market products are in a phase of transition: for decades, we have depended on cheap, synthetic materials and environmentally corrosive processes. Now, we must re-learn manufacturing, shipping, and distribution and this frequently results in final products that may not be up to standards.

However, as history has taught us, humans learn. Green products are dependent on new technology, just like computers and television sets. If you look back on how primitive PCs and TVs were during their humble beginnings, you can begin to imagine the great deal of potential for greener goods. Even if you are not marketing green products, it is likely you may have to incorporate some new vocabulary to address the audience of today.

On top of checking out our blog during Earth Week, you can sign up for our free monthly newsletter, which will feature a green focus for April as well.

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