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Internet Marketing Action Plan – Step 1

We need to gather some information about what we are actually doing right now to grow our business through the Internet. Of course you may also be going to trade shows, printing and distributing catalogs and brochures, etc. But we are going to focus on what you are doing online. Lets start by making a [...]

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Web Service Highlight: Solve360

When your marketing thoughts are always focused outward, it’s easy to forget the services that you use yourself. Solve360 is one of those programs that makes all of your other work possible, and once you start using it, it’s hard to imagine how you survived without it. It’s a very simple but powerful CRM, which [...]

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Big Site Launch: LIREIA

The new LIREIA.com goes live. We’re very proud to announce that we’ve just launched the brand new LIREIA.com. LIREIA stands for the Long Island Real Estate Investment Association, a large and growing organization of independant investors. VisibleU worked with the team at LIREIA to build a brand new website that would really knock their members [...]

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